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GEM Educator Tour '08-'09

Given the number of dedicated daily visitors to GEM, there's no doubt that this 21st Century teaching tool is the single most popular Net-based resource for finding lesson plans and related pre-K - 16 classroom resources.

But NEA has even bigger plans for GEM. NEA believes that GEM can become the educators' "google"...

..."did you "GEM" that lesson plan?" ...

... and a viable social network for educators.

I met and am working with Dave Quick and Eric Sherman of March Marketing--NEA's contacts for both the Saturn and Staples partnership--to review how NEA might leverage their connections across the education community to build brand awareness and integration of GEM to other education tools as well as leverage and organize GEM's growing community of users into a premiere social network for educators.

An excerpt from an email from Eric and Dave after our meeting:

As follow-up to our meeting in DC earlier this month, Eric and I applaud your GEM efforts and success to date.

Thanks for weaving our math project into the database. While we will do what we can in areas of content, it seems our highest and best value to the future of GEM would be to do what we do for a number of our clients -- BUILD AWARENESS among educators. To that end, we have taken the liberty of creating a promotional "road map" -- the attached listing of 66 educator groups and 38 educator events candidate for GEM "marketing." Enhanced awareness would be achieved with two tactics: (1) attendance at as many educator conventions, conferences and seminars as possible; and, (2) a "GEM PR Campaign" that would place articles in education organization media with special emphasis on winning exposure in the myriad communications (print, email, web etc.) of the 50 state NEA affiliates.

We have been working with these folks for over a decade and they can really get the word out. After a year's concerted effort we suspect that word -of-mouth will kick in big time and from there on GEM will become truly a household word among educators.

Dave Quick & Eric Sherman

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